Olio extravergine Bio

Along with wine production our company also produces a line of extra-virgin olive oil that is prized for its good balance and for its organoleptic and varietal qualities.

Our choice has been to produce multi-varietal oil combining four typically Tuscan cultivars that are relatively rare to find combined in one oil, considering what is on offer in the Tuscan market.

  • Leccio del Corno 30%
  • Frantoiano 30%
  • Leccino 30%
  • Olivastra Seggianese 10%

The oils, as is known, present organoleptic qualities quite different one from the other and it is never easy to satisfy the different tastes of our customers.

This is why we have made this mixture of different varieties that we believe has the harmony and elegance necessary to satisfy a wide range of needs.

We can define it, in response to those who would like to try it, as a delicate but intense oil, flavorful but not aggressive.

Discretely fruity and only slightly spicy.

Our attention to the health of our consumers is guaranteed by the organic production methods which set apart all of our products.

All of our products can be ordered on-line by contacting us from this site or they can be purchased directly at our farm where, at the same time, we would hope to have you as guests at our agriturismo.